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Alcohol ink paintings


A new passion for me is developing with yet another remarkably versatile medium which, like encaustic, encourages a dance between intention and happenstance…what is within my control and what is not. And once again, I absolutely love that!


The flowing nature of these alcohol inks is really the magic of the medium and so beautifully captures the essence of each flower in my creations. My love of flowers is lifelong, with their distinct personalities, intricate shapes and spectrum of colors. Flowers always convey a mysterious nature that I find intriguing, inspiring and bewitching. And I love that contained within one flower I can see both wild and calm, soft and bold. My ink flowers feel as if they move me a long, nudging me to remember the joy of being alive alongside the wildness, the uncertainty, the control and lack of control. Allowing of it be all at once. All the parts existing simultaneously: intense and saturated, faded and flowing, wild and calm…all in one, breathing in and out, expanding and contracting. They remind me of the simple beauty of our connection to the many different parts of ourselves striving to live harmoniously together.

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